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Qingdao map:,120.330505&spn=0.198782,0.363579

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Sky City is also expected to boast a giant “vertical farm” that can provide food for the building’s 30,000-plus residents.” – See more at:”]

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43.- Rui Dong, “Diez ciudades chinas más visitadas por los extranjeros”,, Beijing, 05-05-2013

[«Otros destinos pendientes de mostrar: las ciudades del interior», A.S.]

42.- Today’s choice, Flying over Prague => “灵魂放飞,布拉格飞机驾驶体验之旅”  ,, 05-05-2013

[«Thought of the hour: Read Milan Kundera’s «The unbearable lightness of being» <<生命中不能承受之轻>>», A.S.]

41.- Today’s choice, “Café Marly, Palais du Louvre, 93 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris (卢浮宫餐厅, 巴黎, 法国)”,, 28-04-2013

[Addenda: 请看看! => A.S.]

40.- “Europe, in 9 Walks”, The New York Times, 19-04-2013

[«Thought of the hour: Europe in 9 walks, Europe at the crossroads», A.S.]

39.- Today’s choice, “Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita 酒店,意大利马泰拉 (Matera, Italy)”,, 13-04-2013

[«Highlight: <<猜猜我在哪 ?>>. In tourism terms: A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma», A.S.]

38.- Tom Dickhoff, “Exploring Peter Zumthor’s ‘holistic approach’ to design”, BBC, 28-03-2013

[«Highlighting East-West codes: <<An architecture of the senses>>«, A.S.]

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[«Russian tourists were already in Sanya in the 80’s», A.S.]

36.- Today’s choice, 爱马士·英国皇家骑士体验之旅 (United Kingdom),, 21-03-2013

[«概念: <<小马俱乐部>>«, A.S.]

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[«Reflection of the day: They want him back», A.S.]

34.- Today’s choice, “My City. Barcelona”, BBC, 09-03-2013 (19-12-2012)

[«Concept: πόλις», A.S.]

33.- Today’s choice, “W Retreat & Spa Bali – Seminyak / 塞米亚克W度假酒店”, 印度尼西亚 (Indonesia),, 06-03-2013

[«重要题目: <<亚洲风味与西方精华巧妙结合.>>», A.S.]

32.- Today’s choice: “欢迎参加 @西班牙国家旅游局的 #过大年晒美图# 活动,把你过年期间出游的美图分享出来吧!”, 22-02-2013 => 19-01-2013/01-03-2013


[«喜欢», A.S.]

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29.- Katie Hunt, “Lost in Thailand shakes up China’s movie industry”, BBC, 17-02-2013

[«To discuss: The touristic potential of feeling lost in a foreign country and lost in translation», A.S.]

And also:

China’s top 10 films of 2012:

  • Lost in Thailand
  • Titanic 3D
  • Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection
  • Mission Impossible 3: Ghost Protocol
  • The Avengers
  • Life Of Pi
  • Men in Black 3
  • CZ 12/ Chinese Zodiac
  • Ice Age 4: Continental Drift
  • Journey 2: Mysterious Island

Source: Artisan Gateway quoted by the BBC

28.- “Reportaje sobre Chinese Friendly Hotel”, Canal Sur, Sevilla, 12-02-2013


[«概念:友好/友谊», A.S.]

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Sanya, China, Education and Tourism With Dolphins

[«Concept: Ocean sea life ecology«, A.S.]

26- Today’s choice, “Langham Place / 香港旺角朗豪酒店555 Shanghai Str., Mongkok, Hong Kong”,, 01-02-2013

[«概念: 香», A.S]

25.- “Begegnung mit Liu Guoshen”, Zeit Reisen, 30-01-2013 (07-01-2013)

[«Highlight: <<Bei jedem Wetter: Laotse (老子)>>», A.S.]

24.- 视频: “Goles de FC Barcelona 5-1 CA Osasuna”, 27-01-2013


[«Just one word: Goal.», A.S]

23.- Today’s choice, “一国一世界-彩虹之国南非7天6晚Safari之旅” (South Africa),, 18-01-2013

[«Key concept: <<一国一世界>>», A.S.]

22.- 视频 “Rafael Nadal’s practice in Barcelona”, 15-01-2013


[«Key concept: κίνησις», A.S.]

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[«30+ countries…», A.S.]

19.- Today’s choice: “滑雪天堂·瑞士慢慢游”, 圣莫里茨/采尔马特 (St. Moritz/Zermatt, Switzerland), 04-01-2013

[«Highlight:<<最新设计酒店+最慢的快车+最顶级滑雪胜地+私人中文滑雪教练>>«, A.S. ]

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[«Highlight: << […] I wanted to go out and experience things.>> (Yu Youzheng dixit)”, A.S.]

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[«Key concepts: lifestyle/change/carpe diem«, A.S.]

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[«Key concept: <<适合购物的圣诞前夕>>«, A. S.]

15.- “12 Months of Skiing, From Chile to China”, The New York Times, 07-12-2012

[«Almost an Asia Pacific circuit. Reflection of the hour: skiers in China and around the world. The case of Chinese tourists in Canada:

«, A.S.]

14.- “Shopping on overseas sites draws Chinese”, CCTV, 24-11-2012


[«Concepts: ‘reputation’/’convenient’/’the right size’, ‘delivery’, and so on», A.S.]

13.- 橄榄油:文化、饮食和科学(跨学科), 北京, 11 月-2012 年

[«请也看 <<西班牙橄榄油,带你走进地中海的阳光之地>>:


«, A.S.]

12.- Today’s choice: 乔玛塔酒店 (Chromata Hotel), 圣托里尼 (Santorini), 希腊 (Greece),, 13-11-2012

[«Highlight: <<岛位于爱琴海西南部,一直被神秘的气氛笼罩,很多人甚至怀疑柏拉图笔下亚特兰蒂斯的就以这里为原型。>>, A.S.]

11.- 龐畢度中心, 巴黎, 达利画展, 11月21日 2012 年 开幕

<<就算没有将于11月21日开幕的达利画展,您在巴黎也一定会享受一场完美的艺术之旅。萨尔瓦多·达利,这位游历了菲格拉斯、巴塞罗 那和纽约等地的西班牙超现实主义画家,以其众多呈现潜意识意象的优秀画作,带您经历一场从鸡蛋到大脑的抽象艺术之旅.>>

[«请也看: »

, A.S.]

10.- “意大利威尼斯迎彻夜降雨 致城市70%地区被淹”, NetEase 163, 12-11-2012

La Dolce Vita? (意大利语甜蜜的生活)», A.S.]

9.- Feng Jianmin, “Singles declare love … for online shopping”,, 12-11-2012

[Highligth: <<The timing was based on the date November 11, or «11.11,» representing four singles.>>«, A.S.

8.- 荔枝说, «寻找你的巴黎范儿»,, 10-11-2012

[Highlight:<<有着作家,大学讲师头衔的知名时装造型指导Isabelle Thomas,会带领你穿越巴黎最有型最时尚的街区,为你的衣橱增添新鲜的潮流元素.>>]

7.- 胡蕊, “郭晶晶霍启刚香港大宅完婚”,, 09-11-2012

[Saluted in the Chinese speaking world as «世纪婚礼», A.S.]

6.- “荔枝选Lychee.com与你携手共同寻找你的巴黎范儿”, 中国网, 07-11-2012

[Highlight: <<中国首家精品酒店及高端主题旅游在线预定平台荔枝选Lychee.com近日推出旗下明星子品牌:荔枝游–格调自由行精选。你将体验一拥有私人造型指导的巴黎时尚之旅>>.]

5.- Apropos Chinese Lifestyle 生活风格, 07-11-2012. Check below top ten Weibo accounts by number of followers. Actually these are figures concerning lifestyles of individuals turning prominent plus followers. It is an oceanic tide never seen before in the history of mankind!”, all at Weibo:, A.S.]

I.- 姚晨 Over 25 million followers

II.- 谢娜 Over 24 million followers

III.- 王力宏 Over 24 million followers

IV.- 小S Over 24 million followers

V.- 何炅 Over 23 million followers

VI.- 赵薇 Over 22 million followers

VII.- 杨幂 Over 21 million followers

VIII.- 陈坤 Over 21 million followers

IX.- 大S Over 20 million followers

X.- 蔡康永 Over 19 million followers

And last but not least, see 韩寒 (Han Han), over 8 million followers and blogger nº 1 in China:

4.- iLOOK, 2012年10月刊

[«Comment of the hour: Unreal Reality«, A.S.]

3.- NE·TIGER中国元素高级定制华服发布会, 北京饭店金色大厅内霓裳鬓影,翘楚云集, 25-10-2012

2.- Chinese tourists flock to Europe, CCTV, 21-08-2012

1.- ”Multi-millionaire builds exact replica of famous French chateau for $50million… in Beijing”, Daily Mail, 13-06-2012


[«Highlight: <<I wanted to show how Beijing was rushing out to meet the world. We have the Forbidden City. We have courtyard homes. I wanted something universal.>>, Zhang dixit. Actually a new/old world made in China», A.S.