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[«Key concept: 大同», A.S.]

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[“Important to bear in mind for the global context: <<Si les Occidentaux continuent à définir entre eux un agenda diplomatique en pensant qu’ils pourront l’imposer sans difficulté au reste du monde, ils vont se heurter à de graves désillusions.>>”, A.S.]

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[«Comment of the year: a EU-China long-term view anniversary», A.S.]

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[“Focus: <<Exhibition on Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Mme Soong Ching Ling and the bond they created between the two countries>>”, A.S.]

655.- Zhang Hui, “Making the Chinese Voice Heard”, China Today, 25-07-2022 (retrieved on 08-08-2022)

[“Highlight: <<The problem was that both the spokesperson and the reporters asking questions always tended to cater to the Western audience, be it the topics or perspectives of their briefings and questions, oftentimes ignoring alternative perspective.>>”, A.S.]

654.- Augusto Soto, “Interconnections Enhance Global Development Synergies”, China Today, 25-07-2022 (retrieved on 08-08-2022)

[“Highlight: <<[…] have, in effect, contributed to transforming the concept of “international community>>”, A.S.]

653.- Zhang Xudong, “The IPEF Should Not Become an Exclusive Club”, China Today, 27-06-2022 (retrieved on 25-07-2022)

[“Highlight: <<The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) can be a tool for constructive and sustainable development only if it embraces win-win cooperation, follows free trade rules, and promotes unity, stability, and prosperity in the region, refraining from seeking selfish geopolitical interests by isolating China.>>”, A.S.]

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[Highlight: <<An insightful analysis of Hong Kong’s ups and downs from the historical perspective makes a strong case for why Hong Kong should celebrate the 25th anniversary of its return to the motherland.>>”, A.S.]

651.- Zhang Hui, “A New Chapter Unfolding for Hong Kong”, China Today, 05-07-2022 (retrieved on 25-07-2022)

[“Highlight: <<«For years, Hong Kong has been a conduit between East and West, a vital global hub supported by its proximity to the mainland, deep talent pools, robust infrastructure, internationally-aligned regulatory regimes and practices, free flow of capital and transparent, open and globalized markets»>>”, A.S.]

650.- Rahda Warrior, “BRICS Prevails over Blocs”, China Today, 11-07-2022 (retrieved on 25-07-2022)

[“Highlight: <<The New Development Bank and other collaborations of BRICS show how pragmatism can overcome political differences.>>”, A.S.] 

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[“Views by Prof. Zhang Weiwei, among China’s top intellectuals”, A.S.]

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[“Highlight: <<We can innovate together for the benefit of the world. This is a public service, for the public good.>>”, A.S.]

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[“Dictum: History speaks for itself”, A.S.]

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[«Highlight: <<Short-term, mid-term, and long-term cycles matter. Asia, with China in a preeminent position, has become the geo-economic meridian of the globe and this decade [IN PROGRESS] confirms that reality.>>«, A.S.]

644.- Zhang Hui, “Hard Work Paints Bright Backdrop for a Young Life — Moments of President Xi Jinping with Young Chinese”, China Today, 11-05-2022 (retrieved on 03-06-2022) 

[“Highlight: <<Xi urged the young people to «dare to innovate» and called on the students to draw inspiration from China’s leading scientists.>>”, A.S.]

643.- Guest Speech | Miguel Angel Moratinos, UN High-Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, Our Global Initiative, 22-03-2022 (retrieved on 23-05-2023)

[«Highlight: <<I would like to conclude by quoting an ancient Chinese saying. I quote, «Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand.>>”, A.S.]

642.- «中国访谈丨中国翻译协会黄友义:未来要进一步加强“中译外”, 中国网, 02-04-2022 (retrieved on 19-05-2022)

[«Highlight: <<语种,过去一开始只有英文,现在也增加了其他非通用一些的语种。这是一个非常积极的变化>>«, A.S.]

641.- Augusto Soto, «Exploring the Outer Space», China Today, 10-05-2022 (retrieved on 16-05-2022)

[«Highlight: <<Besides science and technology, Chinese space exploration also encompasses world intellectual history, international space cooperation, and the impact on contemporary science and thought. Its significance goes well beyond a single country’s accomplishments.>>«, A.S.]

640.- «A Message to all UN Member States and Leaders of the United Nations from Members of the Leadership Council of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network  and Members of the SDSN Community», 14-04-2022 (retrieved on 03-05-2022)

[«A critical appeal to dialogue among nations», A.S.]

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[“Highlight: <<China supports Europe, especially the EU, in playing a primary role, and supports Europe, Russia, the U.S. and NATO in holding dialogue to face up to the tensions that have built up over the years and find solutions, so as to build a balanced, effective and sustainable security framework in Europe,” Xi emphasized.>>”, A.S.]

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[“Highlight: <<La Cina cresce di una Russia all’anno. Ecco perché la Russia non può stare da sola: non ha l’esperienza per tradurre la scienza in prodotto, non ha una potenza produttiva; è l’opposto della Corea del Sud. Per questo o si appoggia all’Europa o alla Cina. L’Europa ha lasciato che scivolasse verso Est>>”, A.S.]

637.- William Jones, “The Madness of NATO Expansion”, China Today, 11-04-2022

[“Comment of the week in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: an alternative view. Main quotation: <<China stands for peace and opposes war>>A.S.]

636.- Robert Walker, “The Ukraine Crisis, Another of America’s Wars”, China Today, 06-04-2022 (retrieved on 11-04-2022)

[“Comment of the week in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: an alternative view. Main quotation: <<China’s policy on Ukraine has been consistent throughout. It has stressed the importance of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries; the need to abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter; the concept of a common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security concept; the importance of restraint; the need for rapid dialogue between Russia and Ukraine; and the important role of the United Nations in facilitating a diplomatic solution.>>”, A.S.]

635.- Jeffrey D. Sachs, “Time to Talk Peace Terms with Russia”, Project Syndicate, 28-03-2022 (retrieved on 11-04-2022)

[«Highlight: <<But who would guarantee this neutrality? In my view, the UN Security Council should do so, including by the deployment of an international peacekeeping force. Bringing China into this agreement would be stabilizing.>>«, A.S.]

634.- Spanish Ambassador: Perspectives on Spain/EU–China Relations, Center for China and Globalization, 07-04-2022

[«Highlight: <<Spanish Ambassador to China Rafael Dezcallar de Mazarredo on China’s role in Ukraine ceasefire>>», A.S.]

633.- Augusto Soto, “Biden’s Europe Tour, a Reminder of Past Lessons”, China Today, 31-03-2022 (retrieved on 04-04-2022)

[“Comment of the month: <<In Europe we know who violated the sovereignty of another State disrupting an inalienable principle defended by the international community and strongly supported by Beijing. China is convinced that security is indivisible and that seeking bloc confrontation and absolute security will only lead to the most insecure scenario.>>”, A.S.]

632.- «How can China and the EU work through these challenges?», CGTN, 18-03-2022 (retrieved on 25-03-2022)

[«Comment of the hour: the EU-China Summit will be celebrated within two weeks», A.S.]

631.- William Jones, “China Will Maintain a Steady Course in a Challenging Time”, China Today, 06-03-2022 (retrieved on 18-03-2022)

[“Highlight: <<New land-sea transit routes for the western region will be further developed. We will carry out outbound investment and international cooperation in a well-regulated way>>«, A.S.]

630.- Augusto Soto, “Two Sessions: China Sends the World a Message of Innovation, Stability, and Hope”, China Today, 10-03-2022 (retrieved on 11-03-2022)

[«Highlight: <<Beijing supports, in close coordination with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the UN’s key role in Afghanistan’s peaceful reconstruction.>>«, A.S.]

629.- Augusto Soto, “China Shines as a Beacon of Human Solidarity”, China Today / 今日中国, 01-03-2022 (retrieved on 08-03-2022)

[“Highlight: <<Amid this turmoil, Guterres declared that the Olympic spirit, as represented by the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, “shines as a beacon of human solidarity.[…]

In fact, Beijing has made significant contributions to de-escalation of conflicts, negotiations, and world peace. Since 1989, China has participated in 30 UN peacekeeping operations, involving around 48,000 officers and soldiers and more than 2,600 police, in strife-stricken countries. Indeed, Beijing has contributed more UN peacekeepers than all four other Permanent Members of the UN Security Council combined. It is equally important to highlight that China accounts for 15.25 percent of the United Nations budget for the 2022-2024 period, second only to the U.S., having proactively participated in all 17 of the UN’s specialized agencies, four of which are headed by Chinese nationals.>>. Thought of the hour: Expect more solidarity coming.”, A.S.

628.- Augusto Soto, «Lithuania and the one-China policy: Eight reasons for de-escalation», Dialogue with China, 25-02-2022

Lithuania and the one-China policy. Eight reasons for de-escalation

[«Highlight: <<By not keeping in mind the big picture, the Baltic state is neglecting previous commitments, apparently unaware of the unpredictability of the global economy, added to Europe’s worst security crisis since the Second World War triggered in February 2022>>.», A.S.]

[«Highlight: <<Les Jeux olympiques d’hiver de Beijing 2022 ont également adopté une série de mesures d’économie d’énergie et de réduction des émissions, et les émissions de carbone des JO d’hiver 2022 seront toutes neutralisées.>>«, A.S.] 

626.- Yan Wu, Chunlai Chen, Cong Hu, «Does the Belt and Road Initiative Increase the Carbon Emission Intensity of Participating Countries?», China & World Economy, Volume 29, Issue 3, May-June 2021″ (retrieved on 12-02-2022)

[«Highlight: <<China & World Economy (CWE) is the leading English journal focusing on the study of the Chinese economy and its interaction with the world economy. The journal publishes academic research and in-depth policy analysis on the most important issues of the Chinese economy and promotes discussion of international issues with China-related consideration. It is a unique window on China issues and is essential reading for all those concerned with China’s development. We are happy to share with you that, recently, our journal selected five articles through expert recommendation and committee review to provide three-month open access. January 2022>>», A.S.]


625.- Augusto Soto, «National Treasure Promotes Cultural Exchanges, China Today, 17-12-2021 (retrieved on 03-01-2022)

[«Highlight: <<Museums are also present in the minds of ordinary people who see the importance of the past»>>«, A.S.]

624.- «Jamie Leigh Wright, “China, the US and Europe Should Cooperate to Avoid Climate Disaster”, China Focus, 24-12-2021

[«Highlight: <<In an address to the First Dialogue of the China-Europe-America Net-Zero Transition Platform, former NATO General-Secretary Javier Solana said the world needs a level of cooperation that so far, we have not achieved.>>«, A.S.]

623.- Augusto Soto, «Understanding the Idea of Common Prosperity», China Today, 10-12-2021 (retrieved on 16-12-2021)

[«Highlight: <<[…] Now it is time for the “third distribution” system, which is about creating chances for high-income groups and enterprises so they can give back to society, including voluntary gifts and charitable donations. Follow-up policies, particularly the ones related to taxes, will be of critical relevance.>>», A.S.]

622.- «Raising tensions is contrary to IOC mission, says Bach», China Daily, 09-12-2021 (retrieved on 10-12-2021)

[«Highlight: <<We are living in this confrontational, divisive world where the tensions are rising high. If the games would even contribute to the tensions, it would be absolutely contrary to our mission,» said Bach.>>«, A.S.]

621.- Jonathan Holslag, “The EU’s ‘global gateway’ – an answer to China, or a dead-end?”, EUobserver, Brussels, 01-12-2021 (retrieved on 02-12-2021)

[«Highlight: <<Many European companies today are fine with working with the Chinese, with Chinese contractors doing the heavy lifting and the European firms making some more money from their know-how. The Chinese money is tangible; the European plan remains partly a matter of intentions.>>«, A.S.]

620.- Augusto Soto, «Prosperidad común  en China», China Hoy, 16-11-2021 (retrieved on 02-12-2021)

[«Highlight: << […] Se trata de crear oportunidades para que los grupos y empresas de altos ingresos puedan retribuir a la sociedad, por ejemplo, a través de obsequios de carácter voluntario, así como mediante donaciones. La cantidad de donaciones y aportes caritativos, esencialmente de carácter voluntario, puede variar en las diferentes etapas de desarrollo.>>. Entre otras medidas», A.S.]

619.- Matt McGrath, «Changement climatique : Cinq négociateurs qui influenceront l’issue de la COP26», BBC, 02-11-2021 (retrieved on 12-11-2021)

[«Highlight: <<Mme Ribera a été considérée comme un acteur clé dans le développement de cette large coalition. Elle est connue pour avoir de très bonnes relations avec l’Amérique du Sud, la Chine et les États-Unis – des relations qui seront essentielles si Glasgow doit tenir ses promesses.>>«, A.S.]

618.- European Chamber of Commerce in China, “European Chamber signs cooperation agreement with China’s General Administration of Sport”, Beijing, 01-11-2021 (retrieved on 09-11-2021)

[«Vision: <<The European Chamber supports the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 and the advancement of the Olympic movement in China, as well as the GAS’s initiatives to better integrate sports and education, and to further develop youth sports in China. The European Chamber will also seek cooperation with the GAS in relation to both the Olympic Games Paris 2024 and the Olympic Winter Games Milano-Cortina 2026.>>«, A.S.]

617.- Roderick Kefferpütz, “Chinapolitik nach der Bundestagswahl: Auch das, «Wie» zählt”, MERICS, 15-10-2021 (retrieved on 20-10-2021)

[«Highlight: <<Unter diesen Umständen müsste Chinapolitik aus einem Guss, ganzheitlich, und idealiter europäisch koordiniert werden, und nicht einzeln, verschlossen in verschiedenen Silos aus der Logik der eigenen Ministerien heraus.>>«, A.S.]

616.- Pol Morillas, «Afganistán, Aukus y la autonomía europea», El País, 19-10-2021

[«Comentario: aunque parezca contra natura, en estos niveles Europa necesita lenguajes; y primero conjugar su verbo esencial», A.S.]

615.- Augusto Soto, «Es absurdo volver a la Guerra Fría», China Hoy, 13-10-2021 (retrieved on 18-10-2021)

[«Highlight: <<En las dos semanas en que el mundo estuvo al borde de la guerra nuclear, durante la famosa Crisis de los Misiles de Cuba de octubre de 1962, se vivieron distintos momentos en que por error humano (soviético y estadounidense) casi se desencadena un enfrentamiento nuclear. Es altamente aconsejable que en Occidente se relea la historia y procure ni remotamente acercarse a crisis comparables en geografías ajenas>>«, A.S.]

614.- “Nation transcends ideological differences and succeeds: Spanish professor”, Global Times, 12-09-2021 (retrieved on 13-10-2021)

[“Highlight: <<China is a matrix civilization, I often remind my students, which is able to absorb influences, digest them, and come up with a new synthesis of its own. And equally and more importantly, it is a country coming up with its own contributions.>>”, A.S.]

613.- Augusto Soto/苏傲古, “China marca hitos ante el cambio climático”, China Hoy, verano de 2021

[«Destacado: <<En pleno proceso de concienciación nacional y global sobre un futuro que será, más que color carbón, verde, o no será.>>», A.S.]

612- Augusto Soto, «A Very Meaningful Report at the Right Moment», China Today, 12-08-2021

[«Highlight: The report is available in Chinese, English, Spanish and French», A.S.]

611.- 西班牙专家Augusto Soto (苏傲古):’“一带一路”在西班牙可以不只是中欧班列’,

[«Highlight: <<由苏傲古领导的西班牙“与中国对话项目”是在联合国不同文明联盟(UNAOC)全球专家的支持下诞生的独立平台,旨在通过讨论当下的跨文化交流话题,推动国际交流、出版、教育等领域的项目合作,以促进西方与中国间的了解与互动。[…] >>«, A.S.]

610.- Kerry Brown, “The CPC merits deeper study and understanding by the outside world”, Beijing Review, 25-06-2021 (retrieved on 21-07-2021)

[«Highlight: <<It is an important actor–and has been for many decades. It merits deeper study and understanding by the outside world. >>», A.S.]

609.- Augusto Soto, «El eco de un siglo: el PCCh y el mundo», China Hoy, 01-07-2021 (retrieved on 03-07-2021)

[«Destacado: <<Durante las últimas décadas, el PCCh ha alcanzado una relación normalizada con más de 560 partidos y organizaciones políticas de más de 160 países y regiones de todo el mundo>>. También importa recordar el histórico vínculo con Europa«, A.S.]

608.- «Solana, López Aguilar y Malamud reivindican el papel de la UE en un contexto de tensiones entre China y EE.UU.», Consejo Social de la Universidad de La Laguna, 15-06-2021 (retrieved on 25-06-2021)

[«Destacado: <<China no es solo una potencia industrial, sino que también una en la frontera del conocimiento>>”, A.S.]

607.- Renata Dwan, «The incredible shrinking G7», Politico, 11-06-2021 (retrieved on 14-06-2021)

[«Highlight: <<The group gathering this week in Cornwall, England is far more ambitious — and far less powerful.>>», A.S.]

606.- Angus McNeice, “Embassy says days when G7 dictates to the world are over”, China Daily, 14-06-2021

[«Highlight: <<While the G7 is an important meeting, the G20 is far more significant, because it is more representative of the global community,» Rogers told China Daily.>>«, A.S.]

605.- 中西关系 => “Sánchez y Xi Jinping apuestan por el multilateralismo para hacer frente a los desafíos globales”, Madrid-Beijing/UE-China, 26-05-2021 #Multilateralismo #UEChina #EspañaChina (retrieved on 07-06-2021)

[«Highlight: <<Sánchez y Xi han abordado positivamente la decisión de España, presentada por Sánchez en FITUR, de autorizar desde el 24 de mayo la entrada de los turistas procedentes de China que tengan la pauta completa de una de las vacunas autorizadas por la EMA o la OMS.>>«, A.S.]

604.- Augusto Soto, «China impulsa una vía sanitaria global», China Hoy, 19-05-2021 (retrieved on 25-05-2021)

[«Highlight: <<El objetivo fundamental será movilizar posibles estrategias de desarrollo empresarial de rango mundial. China Hoy asistirá al evento.>>«, A.S.]

603.- Augusto Soto, «Una civilización ecológica: la visión de Xi Jinping», China Hoy, 11-05-2021 (retrieved on 19-05-2021)

[«Highlight: <<El Cielo, sin hablar, alterna ordenadamente las cuatro estaciones; la Tierra, sin hablar, hace que todos los seres vivos nazcan y crezcan vigorosamente>>», A.S.]

602.- Rana Mitter, Elsbeth Johnson, “What the West Gets Wrong About China. Three fundamental misconceptions”, Harvard Business Review, May-June 2021)

[«Comment of the hour: please feel free to pick up your preferred paragraph», A.S.]

601.- Augusto Soto,  «China y América Latina alcanzan hitos en salud y medio ambiente», China Hoy, 23-04-2021 (retrieved on 02-05-2021)

[«Destacado: <<la colaboración sanitaria y medioambiental en un primerísimo nivel, demuesta que la mejor manera de entender la realidad actual, en que la geografía no cambia, es la manera de concebirla y actuar en ella.>>», A.S.]

600.- Augusto Soto, «La pandemia solo se combate multilateralmente», China Hoy, marzo de 2021 (retrieved on 12-04-2021)

[«Concept: <<阳光总在风雨后>>«, A.S.]

599.- Kishore Mahbubani, «Chinese renaissance to shape new order», China Daily, 29-03-2021 (retrieved on 07-04-2021)

[«Highlight: <<Given the recent peaceful record of China and the EU, an opportunity presents itself for a deep dialogue between China and Europe on the deeper sources of peace.>>«, A.S.]

588.- Dmitri Trenin, «China, Russia have to forge close bonds», China Daily, 23-03-2021 (retrieved on 26-03-2021)

[«Comment of the hour: either in Barcelona, Beijing, Moscow or Madrid, Dmitri Trenin makes interesting contributions to the current debate», A.S.]

587.- Augusto Soto, «Lianghui 2021: cuando el presente se funde con el futuro», China Today, 11-03-2021 (retrieved on 22-03-2021)

586.- CCTV China. 两会 days: Spanish China expert (苏傲古) and Uganda’s Foreign Affairs high official on China’s succesfull fight against Covid-19, intercontinental health support and Beijing’s multilateralism. #Beijing #Barcelona #Kampala, 08-03-2021 (retrieved on 12-03-2021)

[«* Footnote. Partly filmed at a square of key significance in modern globalization», A.S.]

585.- On 两会 => Host Mr. Ding Heng & Prof. Doug Guthrie, Prof. Li Chen, Prof. Michael Powers and Prof. Augusto Soto => Panel: «China’s vision for 2021 and the next five years» China Radio International, 05-03-2021 (retrieved on 06-03-2021)

[«Comment of the week: It was a real honor and a pleasure, a stimulating and thought-provoking panel.», A.S.]

584.- «两会召开在即 看看这几家外媒关注啥», 中央广电总台国际在线编辑, 03-03-2021 (retrieved on 04-03-2021)

[«Highlight: <<英国路透社报道,中国的年度政府工作报告和“十四五”规划《纲要草案》将成为今年两会的重要看点。路透社认为,高质量发展或将成为中国今年的工作重心,而科技创新将成为贯穿中国“十四五”阶段的重要着力点。>>», A.S.

583.-  Miriam Burgués, «Javier Solana aconseja a la UE construir “confianza estratégica” con China y EEUU», Euroefe/Euractiv, 09-02-2021 (retrieved on 04-03-2021)

[«Destacado: <<Saber econtrarse con China>>«, A.S.]

582.- Xu Xiaohui, «A Multilateral Foundation», China&US Focus, 08-02-2021 (retrieved on 25-02-2021)

[«Highlight: <<China emphasizes that international governance should be based on the rules and consensus reached among all>>», A.S]

581.- Augusto Soto, «China y la UE revitalizan su relación», China Hoy, 08-01-2021 (retrieved on 12-02-2021)

[«Comentario de inicios de febrero: A un mes del acuerdo, el vaso está mucho más que medio lleno», A.S.]

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[«Highlight: <<EU-China investment deal ‘just one tool’ in bloc’s relationship with China, says EU’s ambassador to the UK>>”, A.S.]

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577.- Augusto Soto, «Xi Jinping:  The Governance of China (III) in a changing world», Dialogue with China Project, 14-01-2021 (retrieved on 16-01-2021)

Xi Jinping. The Governance of China III in a Changing World

[«Highlight 577, 578, 579: <<Practical synergies mean that China and the rest of the world have bigger chances of pursuing progress if they work together than would be expected if each country pursued development decoupled from other countries. This is the main message to the world emanating from the highly recommended reading of The Governance of China III at the beginning of 2021.>>», A.S.]

576.- «Key elements of the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment», European Commission, 30-12-2020 (retrieved on 13-01-2021)

[«Commnt of the year: One step forward for a better engagement, a part of the always long-term process», A.S.]

575.- «European Chamber Stance on the EU-China Investment Agreement», Beijing, 30/31-12-2020

[«Highlight: <<The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China welcomes the news that a political agreement has been reached on the long-discussed Comprehensive Agreement on Investment. The business community looks forward to parsing through the details and what they mean for solidifying the legal position of European companies already in China, as well as for those that may be new entrants to the market as a result of the agreement.>>», A.S.]

574.- Tao Wenzhao, «Voices of moderate US scholars like Ezra Vogel will still exist», Global Times, 21-12-2020 (retrieved on 31-12-2020)

[«Comment of the hour: the title speaks by itself», A.S.]

On Ezra Vogel: Fairbank Center:

573.- Augusto Soto, «Estrechando la amistad: ‘Gracias, China’», China Hoy, 14-12-2020 (retrieved on 15-12-2020)

[«Destacado: <<Nueno pertenece a ese selecto trío de personalidades españolas que han dedicado una parte importante de sus vidas a estrechar la relación con China al más alto nivel. Entre ellas se cuentan el universal Juan Antonio Samaranch (ex presidente del Comité Olímpico Internacional y ampliamente conocido en el país-continente como ‘Samalanchi’ o ‘abuelo Sa’), y el tres veces embajador de España en Beijing, Eugenio Bregolat, una leyenda de la diplomacia española y europea.>>», A.S.]

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[“Highlight: <<[Leadership] is very much linked with someone’s talent or character, but it can be learned. It involves having a capacity for analysis of complex phenomena and finding the essential,” Prof. Ding said. “But afterwards, in the execution, it is not to go into detail, but being able to motivate others and to be surrounded by a stable and inspired team.>>”, A.S.]

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[«Highlight: <<Caben aquí aún varias sinergias, entre ellas, por ejemplo, el encuentro entre Cervantes y Confucio (que dejaremos definido así por el momento)….[…]…En otras palabras, también debiéramos adentrarnos más coordinada y decididamente en los espacios de la lengua y la diplomacia digital en nuestras relaciones con China.>>«, A.S.]

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David Gosset, Sinologist and founder of the Europe-China Forum

Joan McEntee, former Under Secretary, US Department of Commerce. On her contribution to the book China and the World – soon to be published. China-US relationship:

Laurent Fabius, former French Prime Minister. «The role of China in the fight against climate change»:

Irina Bokova, former director-general of the UNESCO. «China and the United Nations»:

Leslie Maasdorp, vice president of the New Development Bank (NDB). «China and the new global financial architecture»:

Zhou Hanmin, vice chairman of Shanghai CPPCC. «Reforming the World Trade Organization»:

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Exposición en línea sobre la lucha mundial contra el COVID-19 es inaugurada en Beijing

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Una renovada tracción desde el oeste de China

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[«Concept: 模式», A.S.]

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De la Ruta de la Seda

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[«Highlight: <<Già più di duemila anni fa, l’antica Via della Seta ha permesso il collegamento tra l’antica Cina e l’antica Roma>>. Task ahead: better understanding history in EU and EU-China times in the context of friendship and full reciprocity», A.S.]

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[Highlight: << […] Action 4: To preserve its interest in stability, sustainable economic development and good governance in partner countries, the EU will apply more robustly the existing bilateral agreements and financial instruments, and work with China to follow the same principles through the implementation of the EU Strategy on Connecting Europe and Asia.>>. In principle action 4 offers a window of opportunity to find the necessary and symetric interaction with 一带一路», A.S.]

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Artículo a su vez reproducido en Cátedra China:




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Beijing Review is back. The last three years: 2015-2018 editions», A.S.]

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<<西中关系 =>我很荣幸 interviewed by CGTN (Beijing), on the occasion of Xi’s visit to Spain. Marking 45 years of bilateral ties: upgrading Comprehensive Strategic Partnership + 18 agreements + reinforcing: a) landmass connections: Yiwu Madrid train (+ Zaragoza, soon Barcelona); plus b) maritime connections (Algeciras, Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao ports), + high level political dialogue (UN, WTO, G20). Defending multilateralism, open markets, good will, in the context of reciprocity & meaningful global dialogues.>>«, A.S.]

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Link:  Twitter:  & Facebook: & Dialogue with China [Views & Visions]:

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[«Highlights: Two ideas that China could/should promote: << […] que España se convierta en un hub para enlazar el corredor con el norte de África y América Latina. […] mejorar su conocimiento de la lengua española, lo que les abre las puertas a un área de más de 560 millones de personas.>>«]

Also important to read: first & last paragraphs:

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[«It was long ago discussed in brainstorming sessions: China has the potential  to contribute to better relations among nations across the Pacific», A.S.]

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[Reflection of the decade. Now, just think of how many ‘Belt and Road Initiative’-friends you have around the world. Many. For example in the Spanish-speaking world. The languages are important, the narrative is key», A.S.]

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[«Highlight: << […] It is absurd to assume that African countries would accept the investment if they could not benefit or that they are not capable of identifying whether they could benefit.>>«. Comment of the hour: this is a good point. Also to consider: the alternative choices without these investments», A.S.]

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[«Thought of the hour. Think regionally, think globally:«, A.S.]

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[Likely one of the quotes of the year: <<As the Deng dictum back then said, the imperative was `to liberate thinking, make practice the sole criterion for truth, and seek truth from facts.’ That is not a bad attitude for the UK to endeavour to adopt regarding Brexit!>>, A.S.]

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[«!!!», , A.S.]

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[«Highlight: <<“感谢大家为促进中西友好合作、推动双边关系发展所作出的宝贵贡献,祝愿广大华侨华人、中资机构全体人员以及所有旅西留学生,身体健康、阖家幸福、事业兴隆、学业有成!>>«]

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Also on Sputnik News: «New Silk Road: Sustainable Global Economic Growth a Remedy for Terrorism?», Sputnik News, Moscow, 23-11-2015:

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Beijing en las cumbres en un mundo siempre cambiante

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Also: <<五通>>. […] And also: <<China’s soft power is not strong enough; […] China is not very good at telling its own story>> […] <<As a matter of fact, it is not realistic for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to understand everything about all the countries relevant to the OBOR initiative.>>«, A.S.]

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