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EU-China related news:



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Y con

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<<Over a million messages in China. Barça’s official page on Tencent Weibo (Chinese social network) registered a record amount of activity. More than a million Chinese fans thanked Pep Guardiola on the social network.>>

[«Backdrop: Take this chance as an opportunity to dive into this Ocean:», A.S.]

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<<The Belgian government attached great importance to the role China played in the Group of 20 and other international organizations, and hoped to enhance exchange and coordination with China in global affairs, he said.>>

[«Comment of the hour based on intuition: expect new member (s) joining the G-20. When? Sooner than later», A.S.]

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Background info:

a) China US Focus, February 2012:

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«Merkel will noch engere Zusammenarbeit mit China», Berlin, 28.01.2012

«, A.S.]

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[«A new language frontier: China’s  hinterland», A.S]

31.- The “Global Go To Think Tank Index”, which examined 6545 think tanks, rated ECRF in the Top 10 in three categories: the best non-US think tanks; the world’s most innovative policy ideas and proposals (global); and the best use of the internet and social media in engaging the public (global)

Source: via e-mail new and blog, respectively, 23-01/27-01-2012, ECFR, Madrid

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Highlight: […] In the medium term, however, Europe will have no choice but to accept the fact that it is bound to see its economic and political significance decline in Latin America.

“[…] “If China builds industrial enterprises in Latin America, in the automotive industry, for example, German companies will have to face up to the competition from Asia in Latin America,” Rösler said.””]

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[«Noticia-mérito de La Vanguardia.», A. S. ]

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“Highlight: […] This triggered a wave of discussion among the Chinese public too. People ask, how can China, a country with a per capita GDP of a little more than 4,000 dollars, help Europe whose per capita GDP is higher than 30,000 dollars?.”

[«Yes, to have reached this point in the EU-China exchange is a mistery of our times to say the least», A. S.]

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[«Read the preceding headline against the backdrop of the following website launched this year:  And think again», A.S.]

6.- Next year´s news: 2012 APEC forum in Vladivostok

[Reflection of the moment: «Vladivostok, Beijing and Barcelona belong to the Eurasian continent», A.S.]

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APEC Member states

[«And a fashionable question: Old Europe vs. New Asia Pacific?» A.S.]

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See =>

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