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Let’s remember that the Maritime Silk Road reached Western Europe about half a millennium earlier than originally estimated. Chinese ceramic shards unearthed in various locations in Spain, such as Zaragoza, Almería, and Valencia, among others, date back to the Tang and Song dynasties, so standing witness to the existence of truly ancient commercial and cultural links between China and Western Europe. Under the theme of Chinese New Year celebrations, such concourses are reemerging in concrete, direct, and dynamic manifestations.>>«, A.S.]

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This Summer, 40 years ago, Jean Michel Jarre’s team and Chinese authorities were engaged co-organizing ‘The China concerts’, belonging to several East-West events that made our generation dream with a dialogue with China. #Dialogue #EUChina

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Discover Program

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And also. Parallel European and Eurasian views on Barcelona:

«Видимо, будет ограничена возможность перемещения туристов», Коммерсантъ, 28-04-2012


«, A.S.]

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The culture industry can not be neglected. At the same time we should stress that culture is not an industry, at least not in the first place», A.S.]

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[«New in historical context….and unfolding. To read between the lines», A. S.]

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