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1.- China Today, “Helping the World Deliver Better Lives to People”, China Today, 20-09-2022 (retrieved on 27-09-2022)

[“Key concept: <<The Global Development Initiative (GDI)>>”, A.S.]

2.- China Today, “A Bastion of Common Development and Global Security”, China Today, 19-09-2022 (retrieved on 27-09-2022)

[“Highlight: <<Carrying Forward the Shanghai Spirit>>”, A.S.]

3.- Zhang Xiao, “Revisiting Ancient Rome in Beijing”, China Today, 15-09-2022 (retrieved on 27-09-2022)

[“Highlight: <<Cooperation in this unprecedented way would not have been possible without strong mutual trust between the two sides>>”, A.S.]

4.- David Symington, “Entranced by the Sage’s Subtle Wisdom”, China Today, 15-09-2022 (retrieved on 27-09-2022) 

[“Key quotation: <<己所不欲勿施于人>>”, A.S.]

5.- Lu Jiajun, “First-Hand Care Exhibited at a Second-Hand Shop”, China Today, 05-09-2022 (retrieved on 27-09-2022) 

[“Highlight: <<At Roundabout, we have a place for those who want to help others.>>”, A.S.]

6.- Zhou Lin, “A Bridge Between Hearts”, China Today, 05-09-2022 (retrieved on 27-09-2022)

[“Highlight: <<An Anglo-Chinese woman is doing her part to keep the bond between the two countries alive.>>”, A.S.]

7.- Deng Di, “Dancing as a Lion on High Poles”, China Today, 05-09-2022 (retrieved on 27-09-2022) 

[“Highlight: <<It combines martial arts, dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, and other difficult movements, showing a display of breathtaking beauty.>>”, A.S.]

8.- Zhou Lin, “A Chinese Photographer’s Way of Protecting Nature”, China Today, 05-09-2022 (retrieved on 27-09-2022) 

[“Focus: <<Unraveling Mysteries of an Endangered Species>>”, A.S.]

9.- «Queen Elizabeth II’s China Bond», China Today, 10-09-2022 (retrieved on 16-09-2022)

[«Highlight: <<Chinese culture held a strong fascination for the Queen, doubtless driven by her ready access to the royal family’s collection of Chinese antiques>>«, A.S.]

10.- Carlos Martínez, «The U.S. Is a Serial Human Rights Abuser», China Today, 05-09-2022 (retrieved on 12-09-2022) 

[«Highlight: <<China pursues a policy of non-interference and mutually beneficial cooperation, with a particular focus on development and improving people’s livelihoods. China does not go to war in support of its economic or political aims; indeed it hasn’t been involved in a war for more than 40 years>>«, A.S.]

11.- Muhammad Ashgar, «Harmony, Stability, and Prosperity in Xinjiang», China Today, 31-08-2022 (retrieved on 12-09-2022) 

[«Footnote: a Pakistani view», A.S.]

12.- Shahbaz Khan, Protecting Our Past for Our Future”, China Today, 26-08-2022 (retrieved on 05-09-2022) 

[“Footnote: <<The Forbidden City in Beijing, the former imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, was first inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1987.>>, during Spanish UNESCO Director General’s mandate, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, (1987-1999)”, A.S.]

13.- Zhang Hui, “A Chinese Wheat Breeder’s International Vision”, China Today, 26-08-2022 (retrieved on 05-09-2022)

[“Highlight: <<Agricultural scientist He Zhonghu, who has greatly improved Chinese wheat varieties, now focuses on helping other developing countries to improve their crops for food security>>”, A.S.]

14.- Robert Walker, “Poverty Alleviation the Chinese Way – as a Human Right”, China Today, 25-08-2022 (retrieved on 05-09-2022)

[“Highlight: <<China needs, therefore, to continue delivering human rights through policy innovation>>”, A.S.]

15.- Andy Mok, “Reflections on China’s Rise to Technology Leadership”, China Today, 25-08-2022 (retrieved on 05-09-2022) 

[“Highlight: <<Over the past 20 plus years I’ve watched China transform from a fast copier to world leader in many areas of technological innovation.>>”, A.S.]

16.- Wu Xingduo, “A Finnish Eco-City Designer’s Chinese Connection”, China Today, 25-08-2022 (retrieved on 05-09-2022) 

[“Highlight: “A Finnish expert has been making an important contribution to China’s sustainable development and exchanges between the two countries over the past decade.”, A.S.]

17.- Connor O’Sullivan, “In Tempo with the China Beat”, China Today, 25-08-2022 (retrieved on 05-09-2022) 

[“Highlight: <<We are confident of an ever more fruitful coming decade of Sino-Irish agri-food trade.>>”, A.S.]

18.- William Jones, “The Fantasies of Nancy Pelosi and the Real World”, China Today, 25-08-2022 (retrieved on 05-09-2022) 

[“Key concept: <<Hubris>>”, A.S.]

19.- Zhang Hui, “Cooperation Trends Prevail over Geopolitical Ploys”, China Today, 22-08-2022 (retrieved on 05-09-2022)

[“Highlight: “The irreversible trend of globalization continues to flourish despite the current geopolitical twists and turns.”, A.S.]

20.- William Jones, “From Shooting Itself in the Foot to Military Crisis?”, China Today, 02-08-2022 (retrieved on 05-09-2022) 

[“Concept: dialogue with China”, A.S.]