228.- “Convergence and divergence: Europe and China in a changing world”, Friends of Europe, Brussels, 19-11-2019

["Comment: preceded by a roundtable on 18-11-2019]

227.- “3rd 21st Century Maritime Silk Road China (Guangdong) International Communication Forum”, Zhuhai, 21/23-10-2019

["Highlight: <<Three hundred senior government officials, foreign and domestic mainstream media representatives, world-renowned scholars and experts, as well as business executives explored the Integration of the Maritime Silk Road and Greater Bay Area Development>>", A.S. ]

226.- G20, Osaka, 28/29-06-2019

["Comment of the hour: clearly, let's wait and see", A.S.]

225.- “40 years of Cooperation Between Portugal and China In Retrospect and Prospect”, 21-22/05-2019

["Highlight: <<O ano de 2019 marca o 40.º aniversário do estabelecimento de relações diplomáticas entre Portugal e a República Popular da China.>>, A.S."]

224.- “Second China-Europe Solar Physics Meeting”, Hvar, 6/10-05-2019

["Comment of the hour: space is a neccesary platform to implement sustainable life on Earth", A.S.]

223.- “Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation”, Beijing, 26/28-04-2019

["Remark: parallel sessions => 24/26-04-2019", A.S.]

222.- EU-China summit, Brussels, 09-04-2019

[To be updated]

221.- “X Simposio Electrónico Internacional sobre Política China, del 1 al 21 de marzo de 2019″

["In a nutshell: dynamic Iberoamerican thinking exchange on China", A.S.]

220.- “G-20 Summit”, Buenos Aires, 30-11-2018/01-12-2018

["Remark: a summit inter alia attracting several Anglo, Spanish & Chinese speaking communities", A.S.]

219.- Xi Jinping’s visit to Spain, 27/29-11-2018

["Homework: the value of Eurasia's crisscrossing in 一带一路 times", A.S.]

218.- “The Hamburg Summit. China meets Europe”, Hamburg, 29/30-11-2018 2018

["Highlight: <<A place where we get new inspirations through the exchange of ideas>> ", A.S.]

217.- “I Conferencia La Franja y la Ruta. 一带一路。 La nueva ruta de la Seda con China. Eje económico global”, Instituto Confucio/Universidad de Zaragoza/Aragón Exterior, Zaragoza, 29-10-2018

216.- 第二届太和文明论坛可持续发展分论坛在京举行, Beijing, 09-08-2018

["To think about: leading and leadership", A.S.]

215.- BRICS, 10th Summit, Johannesburg, 25/27-07-2018 

["Comment of the hour: time to bring forward new initiatives", A.S.]

214.- “Gaudí 3rd World Congress 2018″, Barcelona, Astorga, Beijing, Rancagua, 06/07-07-2018

["Highlight: <<Inspiring originality by going to the origins>>, A.S."]

 213.- Mesa Redonda: “La creciente importancia de China en Iberoamérica”, Casa Asia en colaboración con Casa América, Casa de América, Madrid, 17-07-2018

["Comment of the year: exchanging ideas in a common house", A.S.]

212.- “Capacity-building for infrastructure development in emerging economies”, DOC, Berlin, 30-05-2018

["Remark: building bridges across continents and cultures", A.S.]

211.- “The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in 2018. Cultural Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding” (Berlin; May 17th – 20th, 2018 – Held Parallel to the Berlin Carnival of Cultures)

["Remark: Cultural diplomacy, more important than ever", A.S.]

210.- Talks and lectures. “Engaging ‘China’: Perspectives from the Margins”, Oxford, Wednesday, 10-01-2018, 09:00 – 17:00 at Lecture Theatre 1["Comment: a classic subject", A.S.]

209.- “Migration in Europe and Eurasia”, DOC, Berlin, 13-12-2017

["Highlight: <<to try to develop predictions regarding the role of migration in the future>>", A.S.]

208.- Official presentation, The Global Square Magazine, Madrid, 12-12-2017

["Highlight: <<A magazine about arts, life and ideas that matter>>. Comment of the year: Among several regions, TGSM will include Eurasian issues", A.S.]

207.- Wuzhen 4th World Internet Conference, Wuzhen, 3/5-12-2017

["Concept: <<innovation driver>>", A.S.]

206.- “Philologists, forgers and disciples: The complexities of authorship in 18th-century China”, Leiden, 15-11-2017

["Highlight: <<Every text had to be assigned to one author>>", A.S.]

205.- Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, 10/12-11-2017

["A tantalizing formula: 十 X 十", A.S.]

204.- The Global Visions Community, “2017 Horasis China Meeting”, Sheffield, 5-6/11-2017

["Comment of the year: a yearly success", A.S.]

203.- The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute in Berlin announces ‘Multipolarity and Dialogue in Regional and Global Development: Imagining Possible Futures’, Rhodes Forum, 6-7/10-2017

["Inspirational motto: <<Δῶς μοι πᾶ στῶ καὶ τὰν γᾶν κινάσω>>", A.S.]

202.- BRICS Summit, Xiamen, 03/05-09-2017

201.- The 5th Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS 2017) — Belt & Road Forum for Economic Cooperation and Trade. Time: August 30th to September 1st, 2017. Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun City, Jilin Province, China

200.- G-20 Summit, Hamburg, 7/8-07-2017

["Summit to be held in Helmut Schmidt's city, a VIP in the development of strong EU-China ties", A.S.]

199.- 19th EU China Summit, Brussels, 02-06-2017

["A possible footnote: multipolarism/policentrism, A.S.]

198.- “One Belt, One Road Forum for Cooperation”, Beijing, May 14/15-04- 2017

["Footnote: 28 Heads of State and Government attending", A.S.]

197.- “4th EU-China Relations seminar: Strategic Priority for the next EU-China Summit 2017″, Brussels European Parliament, 27-04-2017, 14:00 – 17:30

["Question of the hour: The audience", A.S.]

196.-  EU High Representative / European Commission Vice-President Federica Mogherini’s visit to China, 19-04-2017

["Key word: Multilateralism", A.S.]

195.- China-US Summit, Mar-a-Lago, Florida, 6/7-03-2017

["Remark of the hour: an important meeting, although not as strategically comprehensive, we hope, as the coming EU-China Summit", A.S.]

194.- 60th anniversary of the Rome treaties, 25/03/2017

["Comment of the hour: Let's wait for the speeches", A.S.]

193.- European Breakfast with Jo Leinen, chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with the People’s Republic of China, as a special guest. “EU-China in the New International Context”, Barcelona, CIDOB, 10-03-2017

["In a Weltstadt: Barcelona", A.S.]

192.- VIII Simposio Electrónico Internacional sobre Política China,  01/21-03-2017

["Otro nuevo hito en las crecientes posibilidades virtuales del intercambio sobre China en nuestra lengua", A.S.]

191.- Fu Jing, “Davos chief expects Xi’s insight on changing world”, China Daily, 11-01-2017

["Highlight: <<A new model of responsive and responsible leadership is needed>>", A.S.]

190.- The Annual  Conference on Cultural Diplomacy in the UN, (New York City; January 10th – 14th, 2017)

["Highlight: <<The policies and strategies that will be decided and launched in the next months will influence every aspect of future international relations>>", A.S.]

189.- China Arts Festival in the EU until Dec 31, 2016, Brussels, November-December 2016

["Key: Calligraphy", A.S.]

188.- XXXVI Всероссийская научно-практическая конференция. “Стратегия устойчивого развития регионов России”, ЦЕНТР РАЗВИТИЯ НАУЧНОГО СОТРУДНИЧЕСТВА, Новосибирск, 07-12-2016

["Novossibirsk: China-Novossibirsk, Eurasia at its best", A.S.]

187.- APEC Summit, Lima, November 2016

["A landmark in the Asia Pacific community process" A.S]

186.- 8th BRICS Summit, Goa, October 15/16-2016

["Strategic event: BRICS Media Forum", A.S.]

185.- El think tank más prestigioso de Asia debate el modelo de desarrollo chino en Barcelona, Casa Asia, Barcelona, 10-10-2016

["CASS European tour including Barcelona, Paris and Rome" A.S.]

184.- “Israel’s China Policy Conference”, Herzliya, 29-09-2016. Organized by SIGNAL.

["Remark: An event of utmost significance in 絲綢之路 times" A.S.]

183.- EU Policy and Outreach Partnership and Cultural Diplomacy Platform in China, August 2016

["Remark: Brussels and Beijing. More details in October 2016", A.S.]

182.- China to host 2016 G20 Summit, Hangzhou, 04/05-09-2016

["Concept: Interconnection", A.S.]

181.- Angela Merkel paying a state visit to China, Mid-June 2016

180.- Czech News Agency, “Chinese president to visit Prague for first time in history”, The Prague Daily Monitor, 15-02-2016

["To take place in the latter half of March", A.S.]

179.- Xi Jinping’s state visits to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran, 19/23-01-2016

["A big step", A.S.]

178.- 2nd Internet World Conference, Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, 16/18-12-2015

["Main concept: <<shared destiny>>", A.S.]

177.- Li Xiaokun, “SCO to tackle economy, terrorism”, Zhengzhou, 14/15-12-2015

["Key concept: Re-emerging Eurasia", A.S.]

176.- Xi Jinping attends Paris climate conference, visits Zimbabwe, South Africa, attends FOCAC, Xinhua, 29-11-2015/05-12

["Key concepts: multipolarity, global agenda", A.S.]

175.- First BRICS Media Summit in Beijing, Xinhua, 01-12-2015

["Theme: <<Innovation, Development, Cooperation and Trust>>", A.S.]

174.- The 4th Mobile Travel @China 2015 – Outbound Travel Forum, Shanghai, 03-12-2015

["Thought of the hour: the  destiny of the traditional travel agency", A.S.]

173.- Via =>Porter Erisman inviting (former Alibaba’s vicepresident), FICOD, Madrid 01/12-2015

["Thought of the moment: Going back, remembering and explaining 杭州's entrepreneurial ethos & atmosphere in those days...", A.S.]

172.- Diane Vandesmet, “First Sino-French Business Forum”, Beijing, 26/27-11-2015

["Highlight: <<For the first time in China, the CCIFC organize the Sino-French Business Forum>>", A.S.]

171.- Xi-Ma Summit, Singapore, 07-11-2015

["Comment of the decade: diplomatic history in the making". Also: <<两岸同胞是打断骨头连着筋的同胞兄弟,是血浓于水的一家人>>", A.S]

170.- The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) financial cooperation conference, London, 8/10-11-2015

["Comment of the hour: London as an East-West bridge", A.S.]

169.- “Spotlight: Intensive China-Europe leadership interaction to spur closer cooperation”, Francois Hollande visiting China, Xinhua, 02/03-11-2015

["Highlight: <<China has become a keyword in recent European diplomacy>>", A.S.]

168.- “Überraschend viel Wirtschaft in Peking”, Angela Merkel visiting China, Deutsche Welle, 29/31-10-2015

["Highlight: <<China wird seinen Beitrag zur Lösung des Syrien-Konflikts leisten>>", A.S.]

167.- “Exportando el lujo. Las oportunidades del mercado gourmet en China”, Chinese Friendly, Córdoba, 29-10-2015

["Concepto clave en la coyuntura: el jamón", A.S.]

166.- President Xi Jinping visiting Britain, 20/23-10-2015

["Time-lapse to think about: 1793-2015", A.S.]

165.- 中国汽车产业: 互联、移动与智能城市2015年10月17日 (星期六), 17-10-2015, | 中欧上海校园

["Remark: to be confirmed", A.S.]

164.- President Xi Jinping visiting the US, 23/28-09-2015

["Comment of the hour: Important but no G-2", A.S.]

163.- Primera Jornada de Turismo Chino en el País Vasco, Bizkata Aretoa-Bilbao, 21-09-2015

["Concepto clave: Primera vez", A.S.]

162.- “Interior Lifestyle”,  Shanghai, 17/19-09-2015

["A concept to review: 内"]

161.- Ópera China y Flamenco se dan cita en el Museo de Cristina Hoyos en Sevilla, 15-07-2015

 ["Destacado: patrimonio inmaterial de la Humanidad", A.S.]

160.- “Mystic Huangpu for Early Birds – Feel the Spirit of Shanghai’s Lifeline”, Shanghai Flaneur, Shanghai, 11-07-2015[tt_news]=390&cHash=56196dd2fea6e2948fe91b739a87afc3

["A mystic river", A.S.]

159.- Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS summits, Ufa, 09-10-07-2015

["History in the making: "SCO & BRICS at once"; A.S.]

158.- “Night-Time Stroll: The Who is Who of Shanghai’s Breathtaking Skyline”, Shanghai Flaneur, Shanghai, 24-06-2015[tt_news]=308&cHash=2e8844b22511dab969a6c178daff3dda

["Cfr. the concept flaneur with ramblejar & ravalejar", A]

157.- “From Confucius to Contemporary China: A Walk on Education in Fudan Campus”, Shanghai Flaneur,  Shanghai, 20-06-2015[tt_news]=316&cHash=ac038598c6158f7da7bded9384dfe25f

["Comment of the hour: It should include a visitor from Qufu", A.S.]

156.- “Encuentro con Wang Huaizu, traductor de Mao Zedong de 1956-1964″, Casa Asia, Barcelona, 10-06-2015

["Comentario clásico: un encuentro memorable", A.S.]

155.- Scenario Workshop, Shanghai, 22-05-2015

["Footnote: By invitation only", A.S.]

154.- “World Emerging Industries Summit, The  New Power to World Growth”, Zhengzhou, Henan, 20/22-04-2015

["Comment of the hour: new frontiers", A.S.]

153.- Conference: “A Global Perspective: The Future of China in the Next Decade” China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), 18-04-2015


Ronnie C. Chan
• Chairman, Hang Lung Properties Limited

["Comment of the hour: the importance of lectures at the right moment and at the right place", A.S.]

152.- China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market, Beijing, 14/16-04-2015

["Chinese Friendly in China. A remarkable contribution to China's outbound travel!", A.S.]

151.- Boao, China, 26/29-03-2015

["Boao, Hainan, one of the centers of Asia Pacific", A.S.]

150.- “III Conferencia Mundial Chinese Friendly”, Madrid, 16-03-2015

["A new milestone in world tourism", A.S.]

149.- Chen Yue, “China to host first ministerial meeting of China-CELAC Forum”, Xinhua, 05-01-2015

["According to the schedule: January 8 & 9, 2015", A.S.]

148.-Andrew Barber, “Daily Agenda: The  week ahead, January 5-9,  2015″, Institutional Investor, 02-01-2015

["See January 6 & 9", A.S.]

147.- East2West, “Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit”, Paris, 4/6-11-2014

["Where East meets West", A.S.]

146.- Wanda in Spain via Chinese Friendly, 21-11-2014

["A titan in the Mediterranean", A.S.]

145.- APEC CEO Summit, Beijing, 08/10-11-2014

["Where Asia Pacific giants meet", A.S.]

144.- China Center for Contemporary World Studies, “The Party and the World Dialogue 2014″, Beijing, September 3rd -5th, 2014

["See Notice on Press Coverage for The Party and the World Dialogue 2014. See Appendix, click on List of Participants: , A.S.]

143.- Presentación del Informe Inversión China en Europa 2014, ESADE-Madrid, 01-07-2014

["Inspiring futures", A.S.]

142.- Wang Hongjun, В. Путин в мае посетит Китай, CNTV, 23-04-2014

["¿Enroque o gámbito euroasiático?", A.S.]

141.- Presentación del informe “Asian Development Outlook 2014″ (ADO), Casa Asia, Barcelona, 11-04-2014

["De la crisis asiática al auge asiático a la estabilidad mundial", A.S.]

140.- “Second Chinese Friendly Cities World Conference” Chinese Friendly International, Zaragoza, 27-28/03-2014

["Highlight: <<Ways to increase the number of Chinese visitors to our businesses, communication and marketing models, training tools, quality>>. And ways to increase bilateral relations, A.S."]