祝你们2018 狗年春节快乐!

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401.- For views & visions, please refer to  01-08-2017

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Also important to read: first & last paragraphs:

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[Reflection of the decade. Now, just think of how many 'Belt and Road Initiative'-friends you have around the world. Many. For example in the Spanish-speaking world. The languages are important, the narrative is key", A.S.]

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["Highlight: << [...] It is absurd to assume that African countries would accept the investment if they could not benefit or that they are not capable of identifying whether they could benefit.>>“. Comment of the hour: this is a good point. Also to consider: the alternative choices without these investments”, A.S.]

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["Thought of the hour. Think regionally, think globally:", A.S.]

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[Likely one of the quotes of the year: <<As the Deng dictum back then said, the imperative was `to liberate thinking, make practice the sole criterion for truth, and seek truth from facts.’ That is not a bad attitude for the UK to endeavour to adopt regarding Brexit!>>, A.S.]

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["!!!", , A.S.]

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["Remark. The implicit divide et impera potential represented by external powers in Tusk's view is actually a call for vibrant debates, both open and private. Extremely surprising though is the first reference to China on the first paragraph. Likely the lack of talented advisers at Consilium's level? This question can not remain unanswered", A.S.]

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["Comment of the hour:  Publishing in times of multipolarism", A.S.]

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["Comentario del momento: por un diálogo abierto", A.S.]

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Also: <<五通>>. [...] And also: <<China’s soft power is not strong enough; [...] China is not very good at telling its own story>> [...] <<As a matter of fact, it is not realistic for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to understand everything about all the countries relevant to the OBOR initiative.>>“, A.S.]

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["Views and action from the roof of the world", A.S.]




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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