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["A superlative anniversary in contemporary history and possibly in human history", A.S.]

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["Highlight: <<We are doing the experiments with monkeys in China because, in principle, they cannot be done here because of lack of infrastructure>>", A.S.]

314.- ”Vodafone España enciende el nuevo móvil 5G en 15 ciudades”, Cinco Días/El País 15-06-2019

["Highlight: <<da igual que seas un proveedor chino, sueco o inglés>>", A.S.]

313.- Belt and Road Studies Network, Beijing, 26-04-2019

["Note the launching of 一带一路's Studies Network website", A.S.]

312.- “Discours d’Emmanuel Macron, Xi Jinping, Angela Merkel et Jean-Claude Juncker à l’Élysée”, France 24, 26-03-2019 (retrieved on 28-03-2019)

["Highlight: minutes 27:50-28:24", A.S.]

311.- “Memorandum d’intesa tra il governo della Repubblica Italiana e il governo della Repubblica Popolare Cinese sulla collaborazione nell’ambito della ‘Via della Seta economica’ e dell’ ‘Iniziativa per una Via della Seta Marittima del 21 Secolo”, Rome, 23-03-2019 (retrieved on 25-03-2019)

["English version:"]

310.- “Mobile World Congress Barcelona,” 25-28 February 2019, Barcelona

["Comment of the day: coming milestones in 5G, AI et al.", A.S.]

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["Comentario del momento: el título tan sencillo refleja un hito en la historia de la civilización terrícola", A.S.]

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["A dream for Western's Pink Floyd generation", A.S.]

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["Highlight: <<Chile está dispuesto a mantener estrechos intercambios a alto nivel con China y profundizar la cooperación, comercio, inversión y construcción de infraestructura, ciencia y tecnología y también a contribuir a la iniciativa de la Franja y la Ruta>> ", A.S.]

 306.- , Tian Wei, “President’s Xi fruitful visit to Spain”, CGTN, World Insight, Beijing-Barcelona, 28-11-2018 (retrieved on 05-12-2018)

["<<西中关系 =>我很荣幸 interviewed by CGTN (Beijing), on the occasion of Xi’s visit to Spain. Marking 45 years of bilateral ties: upgrading Comprehensive Strategic Partnership + 18 agreements + reinforcing: a) landmass connections: Yiwu Madrid train (+ Zaragoza, soon Barcelona); plus b) maritime connections (Algeciras, Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao ports), + high level political dialogue (UN, WTO, G20). Defending multilateralism, open markets, good will, in the context of reciprocity & meaningful global dialogues.>>", A.S.]

305.- Spain-China’s Joint Declaration, 28-11-2018 (retrieved on 03-12-2018)ón%20Conjunta%20España%20-%20China.pdf ["Points 3, 4 & 6", A.S.] 304.- Xi Jinping paying historic visit to Spain, a milestone, 27/29-11-2018 303.- Xi Jinping visiting Spain, 27/29-11-2018 ["Homework: the value of crisscrossing Eurasia in times of 一带一路", A.S.]  302.- “Exposición sobre el cuarto aniversario del tren entre Madrid y Yiwu”, Vía Libre, 21-11-2018 (retrieved on 25-11-2018) ["Comment of the year. Yiwu-Madrid: fourth anniversary => Eurasia's milestone. And looking forward to connecting with Zaragoza [starting this week!] and Barcelona”, A.S. ] 301.- 祝大家国庆节快乐!01-10-2018 300.- ”Speech by HR/VP Mogherini at the plenary session of the European Parliament on the state of the EU-China relations”, Strasbourg, 11-09-2018 (retrieved on 14-09-2018)

["Highlight: <<The European Union and China are two of the great powers of the world of today. We do not always see eye-to-eye; on the contrary, we have some fundamental disagreements that are very evident. But as two global powers, we both understand that our cooperation is essential to address the main challenges we face. If we want to preserve the multilateral system, to make it more effective, engagement with China is an absolute must.>>", A.S.]

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["Comment of the year. Finally a chance for Juncker Plan's waking up", A.S.]

288.- UNAOC signs MOU with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing, 15-05-2017

["Highlight: <<People-to-People Connectivity>>”, A.S.]

287.- One Belt One Road Forum, Beijing, 14/15-05-2017 

["Highlight:  ", A.S.]

286.- China’s top political advisory body starts annual session, Beijing, 03-03-2017

["On dialogue with the outside world: minutes 29:30-30:52", A.S.]

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["Interesting development paving the Eurasia/One Belt, One Road way? That is one question in a disruptive year", A.S.]

284.- January 2017. Chinese New Year: 祝大家鸡年快乐!

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["Most remarkable aspects of the visit to Switzerland: China and United Nations relationship entering a new phase and Xi in Davos", A.S.]

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["Highlight: <<The EU is happy to engage with China in multiple fields of mutual interest and in many of China's flagship projects.>>", A.S.]

281.- 春节快乐,猴年大顺 2016

280.- A word from the EU Ambassador to China, 2015

<<Dear friends of the EU and China.

I am very fortunate in being the Ambassador of the European Union to China at a time when this year sees the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the EU and China. This is an important milestone in an ever closer and more important relationship between our union of 28 Member States and the country which may soon be the biggest economy in the world.

When we look back on the past 40 years, it is clear that we have come a long way, with increased mutual knowledge and communication in many areas such as political links, trade and people-to-people contacts, which form the supporting pillars and strands that act as a bridge between us, making both sides more interconnected and interdependent than ever before.

But there is still much untapped potential in our relations and my hope is that both sides will use this celebratory year as a catalyst for further and deeper cooperation on many fronts, from trade negotiations to climate action, from conflict resolution to social justice.

I wish you all good health and prosperity for the Year of the Sheep,

Hans Dietmar Schweisgut

Ambassador of the European Union to China>>

279.- “China Construction Bank se instala en Barcelona”, Xinhua, 02-04-2015

["Destacado: <<es el segundo grupo financiero chino que llega al país tras la llegada en 2011 del ICBC>>, A.S."]

278.- Fu Jing, Liu Jia, “Investment pact with EU set to be concluded”, China Daily, 04-03-2015

["Highlights: <<This year marks the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship [...] We expect to have an ambitious investment agreement, which aims to create a better environment for EU investors in China and vice versa,” he said>>, A.S.]

277.- 微软官方已经放出 MWC 2015 微软发布会的视频直播页面(,微软这场发布会将于西班牙巴塞罗那举办,开始时间是当地 3 月 2 日 8: 30(北京时间 3 月 2 日下午 15: 30)

["Yes, in Barcelona", A.S.] 276.- “China y CELAC elaborarán plan de cooperación para próximos cinco años”, CCTV, 09-01-2015 INCLUDING VIDEO ["A key issue: comprehensive long-term plans developed by both sides", A.S.]

275.- Wang Jiarui, Honorary Chairman of CCCWS’s Council, Vice-Chairman of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Minister of IDCPC” China, Spain vow to deepen cooperation”, Xinhua, 11-12-2014

["Key remark: <<Wang, who concluded his three-day visit to Spain on Thursday, expressed hope that Spain would give full play to its advantages to participate in the "One Belt and One Road" initiative put forward by China.>>, A.S.]

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[Highlight: <<The Second Chinese Revolution explores China growing impact on the global economy.>>, A.S.]

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["Highlight => <<Die Kanzlerin ist auf ihrer siebten und bislang längsten China-Reise.>>", A.S.]

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["Now read about the Beijing-Washington train line to connect both cities: " And think about macrohistory", A.S. ]

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["A likely milestone in EU-China ties. Tbc" A.S.]

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["A key concept: “中国梦”]

262.- CPPCC -  Open time: March 3 NPC – Open time: March 5

261.- “Nace la Cámara de Comercio e Inversiones de China en España”, Fundación Consejo España China, 17-02-2014 ["Palabras clave: <<Coordinación, integración y expansión>>", A.S.] 260.- “China trade surplus jumps to $32bn”, BBC, 12-02-2014 ["Highlight: << [...] The broader picture is also upbeat, he said>>, A.S.]

259.- Luis V Muñoz, “Acuerdo estratégico con : las noticias importantes que vinculan a España y China”, Capital Radio, Madrid, 10-02-2014 ["Reflexión del momento: es sin duda un acuerdo estratégico", A.S.] 258.- “Renfe y Chinese Friendly International promocionarán el uso del tren entre los turistas chinos”, Madrid, 22-01-2014

["Es un acuerdo de una dimensión europeo-china de evidente potencial para el turismo cultural", A.S.]

257.- FRANCE – “Chinese visitors will get visas in 48 hours”, 17-01-2014 => Implementation time frame => 27-01-2014

["Reflexión del momento => Cuándo lo haremos nosotros", A.S.]

256.- Cátedra China, nº 3, January 2014

["Approaching China in Spanish", A.S.]

255.- 18-01-2014 Moon rover sending back photos

254.- 正在老百姓说, 06-01-2014:

["By February 2014 a social channel such as is registering over 620 million users with more than 50 million average daily active users, more than 100 million messages posted each day and growing. That means vox populi...It also means unrivaled flow of a new kind of conversation in the history of mankind. At the same time, according to  figures released in September in Beijing, more than 50.000 departments and officials are joining too: Thus, real 机会 talk, so to speak, real conditions for a", A.S.]

253.- “Crossover: China to invest billions in Central & Eastern Europe”, CNTV, 26-11-2013

[Apparently unrelated remark => "We need more Spain-China/EU-China dialogue & channels aimed at deepening friendship and understanding. It is a permanent need and a challenge involving both official platforms and civil societies. It is action, actually it is History in the making", A.S.]

252.- “China Seeks to Boost Trade With EU to $1 Trillion by 2020″, Bloomberg, 21-11-2013

["Key word: Prospects", A.S.]

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["Background: a) Unfolding events", b) ", A.S.]

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[Comment of the hour: "We need more Spain-China/EU-China dialogue & channels", A.S.]

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["Highlight:<<Industries to be opened up gradually include financial services, education, culture>> Comment of the hour: A move reinforcing a dialogue with China:", A.S. ]

248.- “Top Chinese leaders attend 3rd Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee in Beijing”, Xinhua, 12-11-20013.

["Remark: Continuing traditions, the importance of nº 3: 第三次全体会议: ", A.S.]

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["Highlight: <<全球关注中国改革再出发>>", A.S.]

246.- Zhuzhou, November 02/04-11-2013. Augusto Soto is invited to participate in the Zhuzhou Summit. International Academic Seminar on World Socialist Construction. Organized by the Zhuzhou Municipal Academy of Social Sciences, CPC Changsha County Committee.

245.- Beijing, October 30-31, 2013. The Fourth World Socialism Forum. Co-organized by the World Socialism Research Center, CASS, and the Center for Contemporary World Studies, International Department of the Chinese Communist Party.

Participating countries: China, US, Russia, Spain, Vietnam, Belarus, Greece, Great Britain, India, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Colombia, Cuba, France, Egypt, North Korea.

The Spanish delegate, Augusto Soto, represents Dialogue with China www.dialoguewithchina and Cátedra China

Both the Forum and the Summit took place in an extraordinary warm and friendly atmosphere, in the spirit of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Spain and China

244.- China and ECB sign $57bn currency swap deal, BBC, 11-10-2013 ["Remark: towards full convertibility", A.S.] 243.- Full Video: National Day celebration, CNTV, Beijing 01-10-2013

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["Destacado: <<Posada asegura que Xi Jinping ha insistido en que cuanto más conocimiento y más relación haya entre los dos países, más crecerán los intercambios comerciales y las inversiones chinas.>>. Comentario del momento: Pese a lo mucho que se ha hecho, falta mucho más conocimiento y mucha más relación", A.S.]

238.- Madrid, July 4, 2013, Cultural Center of China in Madrid. “China and the Communist Party of China after the 18th Party Congress”. Spanish-Chinese Meeting co-chaired by Cui Shaopeng, Secretary-General of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China, and Augusto Soto, Director, Dialogue with China Project.

The Chinese delegation was made up of distinguished senior and VIP CPC members also including Li Xiaoquan, Director-General of the State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform (SCOPSR); Chen Xi, Director-General of the Party History Research Center of the CPC Central Committee; Wang Changjiang, Professor, Director of the Department of Party-Building Teaching & Research of the Central Party School; Sun Haiyan, Director-General of Information Office of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee; Zhang Ye, Deputy Director-General of Information Bureau of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee; Zhang Hongtao, Deputy Director-General of the General Office of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee; Guo Zhi, Division Chief of General Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC (CCDI); Li Jinyan, Deputy Division Chief of Information Office of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee.

The Spanish side included distinguished sinologists and mass media VIP, i.e. Marcelo Muñoz, Director of Cátedra China and dean of the Spanish business community in China; Gladys Nieto, Professor, Center for East Asian Studies, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and Erasmus Coordinator, Linguistics Department Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, UAM; Rafael Bueno, Director of Politics, Society and Education, Casa Asia, Barcelona; Kurt Grötsch, Dean of Cátedra China, Seville; Ivan Mañez, Director of Global Asia, Valencia; Luis Torras, economist and author of “The Awakening of China. Keys to understanding the Asian giant in the XXI century”; Gonzalo Toca Rey, Journalist, Expansión newspaper and member of Cátedra China, Madrid.

["Remark: The meeting à huis clos took place in an extraordinary warm and friendly atmosphere, in the spirit of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Spain and China.", A.S.]

237.- “Margallo viaja a China para elevar las relaciones comerciales”, Global Asia, 24/25-06-2013

["Visita que antecede a otra", A.S.]

236.- “EU hält baldige Lösung im Solarstreit mit China für möglich Von Andreas Landwehr”, dpa, 21-06-2013

["Highlight: « [...] Ich vertraue darauf, dass wir in den kommenden Tagen oder Wochen zu einer Lösung kommen können.»“, A.S.]

235.- “¡Ni Hao! Posada y los portavoces del Congreso viajan a China”, El Confidencial, 21-06-2013

["Comentario del momento: información recogida por la Fundación Consejo España-China, sección Twitter Feed, 21-06-2013"]

234.- Today’s choice => “Chinese love Spain, Dadao in Spain”, Chinese Friendly, Seville and different cities, 21-06-2013

=> ["Highlighted paragraph: <<#时光的旅行# //@慕容引刀:萨拉戈萨,念一遍感受一下这名字 //@友好中国chinesefriendly:巴塞罗那的明信片已经寄出!想要萨拉戈萨刀刀手绘明信片的粉丝就请关注友好中国和@华西桥-EnClaveChina 吧!#西班牙发现之旅# @途秀 @西班牙国家旅游局 @北京西班牙文化中心>>", A.S.]

233.- “百度西班牙推广峰会日前在马德里政府大楼隆重举行, Madrid, 20-06-2013

["Highlight: <<西班牙中国会,西班牙地方政府和马德里商会支持中西商业峰会 -通过中国最重要的搜索引擎百度来提升西班牙公司和品牌在中国的认知度。会议由西班牙中国会会长陈弘主持,西班牙政府官员亲自到现场祝贺并发言。西班牙广 告公司Kanlli和西班牙华人企业亚联建立联盟关系来共同为西班牙企业提供一揽子解决方案。会场设在太阳广场的马德里政府大楼内。众多中西商界人士出席 峰会.>>, A.S.]

232.- Alberto Nájar, “¿Qué gana China con el Canal de Nicaragua?”, BBC Mundo, 14-06-2013

["Reflexión del momento: ¿Cuál sería la explicación más plausible?", A.S.]

231.- “La UE denunciará a China por los aranceles a los tubos de acero”, Globalasia, 13-06-2013 (Destacado el 14-06-2013) ["Añadidamente urge un diálogo sui generis porque obviamente implica al sol, al vino y +", A.S.] 230.-”China successfully launches Shenzhou-10 spacecraft”, CCTV, 11-06-2013 ["一路平安!", A.S.] 229.- “China media: Xi-Obama summit”, BBC, 10-06-2013

["One interpretation in the West. Two milestones: 1972 and 2013", A.S.]

228.- a) Wang Guan, “Live cross: Redefining the Sino-US relationship”, CCTV, 08-06-2013

b) Augusto Soto interviewed by Russian TV on US-China Summit, Moscow-California-Barcelona, 08-05-2013

227.- “Disciplinary inspection teams set cross hairs on ‘big game’ in anti-corruption hunt”, Global Times, 07-06-2013 ["A matter of particular concern", A.S.] 226.- 辛忠, “外国政党媒体考察团走进中纪委:如何看待实名信访”, 大公报, 03-06-2013

["Highlight: <<有的西方人士很少来中国, 常在媒体上批判中国现状,中方应该邀请他们访华,让他们看到中国的进步。比如我来北京和山东,就看到了实实在在的变化。”西班牙欧盟对话中国项目负责人苏 傲古 (Augusto Soto) 告诉记者。他建议,中方邀请的西方人士应涵盖政界、商界、专家学者、记者。>> Also to discuss: the gravity forces of P2P exchange and other key issues of national and international concern. Also see Foreign visitors tour CPC discipline watchdog offices:", A.S.]

225.- Reuters/AP, “Arctic Council admits China and India to policy group”, Deutsche Welle, 16-05-2013

["Highlight: <<Shorter shipping routes across the Arctic Ocean would save Chinese companies time and money>>. And a possible warning for Barcelona's intercontinental port dream", A.S.]

224.- 环球时报, “李克强将访印德等四国家 首次出访引外媒关注”, CNTV, 14-05-2013

["Concept: <<全天候伙伴>>", A.S.]

223.- Teddy Ng, “China wants to chair G20 talks, Xi tells Hollande “, South China Morning Post, 07-05-2013

["Highlight: << [...] both nations would “actively promote … the democratization of international relations”>>“, A.S.] 222.- 越洋使者-中欧社会论坛信息报,2013年4月号(总第2期)/ Newsletter of the China-Europa Forum, APR. 2013 (ISSUE NO.2), 07-05-2013

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["Concepto: DaoDao en España", A.S.]

220.- Zhao Shengnan, “Spanish party seeks ties with CPC”, China Daily, 24-04-2013

["Highlight: <<It is important for parties with different political beliefs and countries to communicate and cooperate with each other to tackle global challenges. [...] Spain has long been calling for the EU to consider lifting the arms embargo on China and grant full market economy status to the world’s second-largest economy.>> Hot issues deserving attention sooner than later”, A.S.]

219.- Andrew Trotman + agencies, “Iceland first European country to sign free trade agreement with China”, The Telegraph, 15-04-2013

["Concepts: FTA/Arctic Council/Huang Nubo. And what about Greenland?", A.S.]

218.- Sum Choi, “Chile and MSAR embrace strategic trade relationship”, Macau Daily Times, 15-04-2013

["Noticias del país institucional y económicamente más relacionado con China y Asia Pacífico del mundo de habla hispana", A.S.]

217.- Mark Kenny, “Gillard lands a big one with China deal”, The Age, 10-04-2013

["Highlight: <<Under the agreement, annual meetings will now take place between the prime ministers of the two governments - an arrangement that exists as a formal process between China and only two other countries, Germany and Russia, as well as with the European Union.>>", A.S.]

216.- Sophie Yu, “China looking at direct yuan trade with Australian dollar  Yuan move would lower transaction costs, deepen ties with vital commodities supplier”, South China Morning Post, 08-04-2013 ["Parallel developments => ", A.S.] 215.- Agencies in Seoul (China Daily/Agencies), “DPRK ‘ready for nuclear strikes’”, China Daily, 05-04-2013

["Concept: 耐心", A.S.]

214.- 习近平访问俄罗斯 访问坦桑尼亚 访问南非访问刚果, 人民网, 22/30-03-2013 [视频]习近平抵达达累斯萨拉姆开始对坦桑尼亚进行国事访问, CNTV, 25-03-2013 VIDEO => ["Background: Bandung 1955", A.S.] 213.- “Прилет Си Цзиньпина в Москву (ВИДЕО)”, Голос России, 22-03-2013 VIDEO => VIDEO =>! VIDEO => ["Highlight: << [...] этот визит должен открыть новую страницу в отношениях>>. The extent of it”, A.S.] 212.- a) “Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang address NPC closing session”, CNTV, 17-03-2013 VIDEO => b) 新华网, “习近平在十二届全国人大一次会议闭幕会上发表重要讲话“, CNTV, 17-03-2013 ["Cyclical highlight: 三个代表", A.S.]